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About us

FTLQUOTES is a freight facilitator that offers guidance and counseling in transportation, logistics, warehousing, distribution, and asset acquisition.

Our goal is to inform, educate, and execute. We bring the newest information to the table, we educate at the same time shippers, receivers, carriers, and we execute logistics tasks by request.

Our vision is to simplify all area of transportation by doing our part. We are planning to do so by addressing major trends, concerns and insufficiencies that arise from this multi-billion dollars industry.

In terms of service providers, we work closely with ST Freight, a major transportation providers with over 30 offices across US and Canada.


Hidden costs of online auctions

Buying goods at an online auction nowadays is very convenient, exciting, and secure. Whether we talk about machinery auctions, truck auctions, or antique options, we refer to a vastly growing business that tens of thousands of people around the globe make a full-time living on.

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Choose between spot rates and contract rates

Today, more and more companies are in a dilemma because they do not know what to choose between spot rates and contract rates. It seems to be a hard choice, but, in fact, it is not. You just have to take into consideration all the details of each one and to learn some secrets

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15 Shipping terms everyone should know

Shipping is a common thing nowadays, but, even so, a lot of people are not accustomed with some of its most used terms. Do not worry, it is normal not to know everything and you are lucky to have us.

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